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happy thomas crapper day everyone. *^_^*

i've been having the craziest dreams again.
one where i knew i was dreaming and i kept screaming to try and wake myself up because in my dream i was on pcp. i was trying to pinch myself in the dream and was really surprised i didn't actually pinch myself. i woke up in a dead panic. scary.

other dreams just involve my tv shows and video games infiltrating my dreams.
i spent most of last night (in my dream land) trying to find trivial objects, like toe nail clippings with metal music playing in the background and it would get louder the closer i got to the thing i was looking for. silly dream land. :)

p.s. the whole world is covered in ice. i can't wait to go to texas. :D
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holiday highlights

christmas eve eve - fun times at jennifers. i got a cute drink mixer set and a bottle of vodka

christmas/ haunuka - alex got me a digital photo frame that i love. i got him ammunition. *^_^*
had a blast at peters party but had to leave to early because we had to work the next day. good thing i didn't try to stay because everyone else stayed out til 8 in the morning.

new years - criag, steph, landis, chris, brian, and coire all chipped in and bought us a freakin disco ball. we have the best friends ever. :D fancy pants new years went well. lots of dancing and drinking and good times had by all. the next morning we attempted to make the crazy weaved/covered in cheese bacon concoction. and it was amazing. pictures tell the story better.

new years day - victoria had a friend in from new york for new years. new years day was her last day in town so we decided to have a night out on the town.
too bad no one told the town we were coming because nothing was open. epic failure all around. our favorite club was having and 18 and under night. there was no one out dancing. the bar closed early, as did the strip clubs, and to top the night off i got pulled over and had to take a sobriety test, because someone threw a cigarette out the window. happy new year. *^_^*

alex and i have been going to date night at the gun range with craig and steph, and landis and kris. and sushi usually follows. that's a really good time. no epic fail there. :)

i didn't really make any big new years resolutions. just a few things i'd like to work on on myself.
the craziest thing about 2009 is that alex and i are getting married! :D i'm looking forward to what else 2009 will bring. i hope to get to spend more time with all of you in 2009 than i did in 2008. happy new year everyone. *^_^*
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they were the best of times, they were the worst of times

2008 in review (first line of the first post of each month of 2008)

january - i'd have a better chance (of surviving the zombi-pocalypse) if i didn't care about any of you bastards (and kept more canned goods in the house).

february - got our Flipside confirmation!

march - seriously. isn't winter supposed to be over yet?

april - are they ever going to get around to inventing teleports?

may - does anyone happen to know how to stop time? or maybe just pause it for a little while.

june - It's that time again. It's time for the best party of at least the last quarter century.

july - i just haven't been feeling quite myself lately.

august - i've been having the strangest dreams lately.

september - i haven't posted in a month.

october - i think i'm becoming more cynical with age.

november - last night i didn't feel well and the election was giving me the anxiety so i went to bed around 9:30.

december - What made me happy today?

haha reading back on all these old posts was a lot more humorous than i thought it would be. *^_^* and if i didn't know myself better i'd think i was obsessed with being able to control the space-time continuum. :D

here's to hoping 2009 is as funny as 2008.

(p.s. if you want a good laugh check out the first post in august 2008. it's a doozy)
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The rules are that for 8 days you have to post something ( i decided to makes it 8 things instead) that made you happy that day.
Tag 8 people to do the same.

What made me happy today?

-working out even though i didn't want to

-making it to work on time

-good shop talk at the salon

-alex making me dinner

-wrapping presents

-singing christmas carols in the shower

-talking to a friend i hadn't talked to in a while

-having time to fill out silly lj polls and play online games. *^_^*

Tagged - Anyone who hasn't filled it out already.
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hot hot hot!

on a still thankful, but more silly note...

distractingly hot girls keep coming into the salon. luckily i haven't had to do their hair otherwise i'd probably be a stammering mess. too hot girls make me nervous. *^_^*
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thank goodness

what i'm thankful for:

having a wonderful man that loves me no matter how many times i burn or over salt his dinner or forget to clean the litter box.

having the most wonderful friends imaginable.

meeting some amazing people and making great new friends this year.

having a job that i really enjoy (99% of the time).

being happy and healthy and the simple things i take for granted.


happy thanksgiving.
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last night i didn't feel well and the election was giving me the anxiety so i went to bed around 9:30.

i woke up to alex coming to bed and telling me obabma won. i smiled and fell back asleep.

i woke up to alex's alarm at 8 something and thought for sure it had all been a dream.

but it wasn't. :D he really won! good job guys. *^_^*

p.s. halloween party reminder. this saturday. 9pm. :)
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there aren't enough hours in the day to spend time with everyone i love and care about and like to hang out with. :/ and then sometimes those people move away and i wish i had spent more time with them while they were around.
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